The Leadership Well™ Center is a hub and network,
empowering Conscious Counsel® and Mindful Managers®

Vision and Mission

Learning, Leading, and Living Well®

Together, we enrich our lives, professions, and communities.

Intro to Founder and President

Natalie Butto Wills draws from diverse dimensions to facilitate Learning, Leading, and Living Well®.

A Leadership and Management Professor, her experience includes serving as Fortune 500 in-house legal counsel and executive; law school administrator; TEDx Speaker; and as a leader with professional, alumni, community associations and boards.

Natalie earned a JD (Georgetown), MBA (NYU); and certifications in coaching, organizational psychology, diversity training, and yoga/mindfulness. A 1st generation American, she communicates in several languages; savors life, and loves empowering people and possibilities.

Why Leadership Well™

Intentional leaders may feel divided between doing good and doing well. However, we can integrate our sense of purpose,   passion, peace, and prosperity.

In strengthening our foundation, we enhance our impact, and those around us. We become stronger role  models, leaders, and influencers. This is an overall win-win situation.

Leadership Well™ connects people, organizations, and resources, to support this mission.

Together, we enrich our lives, professions, and communities.

Together, we enrich our lives, profession, and communities. 

Conscious Counsel® and Mindful Managers®

The Leadership Well™ Center is a hub and network, empowering Conscious Counsel® and Mindful  Managers®. 

Conscious Counsel®: Many are drawn to law school to serve, advocate, and make a difference. JD's (whether practicing law or otherwise engaged) often serve in leadership roles. 

Mindful Managers®: Professionals who lead projects, departments, teams, and organizations have influence across sectors, including education, business, healthcare, and public service.

As purposeful professionals enhance leadership skills and well-being, they become stronger role models, influencers, and leaders. This yields greater overall benefit. 

Thank you to advisors including Dean George Daly, Professor Steven Bender, and Larry Center.

Programs and Services

The Leadership Well™ Center is a national/virtual hub and network, connecting people, associations, and resources, to support holistic professional and organizational development. 

Educational and networking programs include webinars, workshops, presentations, events,
resource listings, and member benefits. 
Topics/themes include: purpose, values, diversity, inclusion, integration, engagement, mindfulness, and motivation.

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